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  • Julia Rose named director, curator of Johns Hopkins' Homewood Museum
    Julia Rose, who has been active as an educator, curator, and arts administrator for more than 30 years, has been appointed the new director and curator of Homewood Museum at Johns Hopkins University. She will begin her new role on June 1. Rose is currently the director of the West Baton Rouge Museum and an […]

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Water-Based ‘Engine’ Propels Tumor Cells Through Tight Spaces in the Body

Johns Hopkins researchers have discovered a new mechanism that explains how cancer cells spread through extremely narrow three-dimensional spaces in the body by using a propulsion system based on … more

A Tiny Pinch from a ‘Z-Ring’ Helps Bacteria Cells Divide New Mathematical Model Unravels the Mechanics of Microbe Reproduction

In a process that is shrouded in mystery, rod-shaped bacteria reproduce by splitting themselves in two. By applying advanced mathematics to laboratory data, a team led by Johns Hopkins researchers has … more